Forecast 2017: It’s All About Perspective


We recently hosted our 19th annual Keen Wealth Advisors Holiday Breakfast and I am so humbled by the turnout and the fact that we work with so many wonderful people.

Our Holiday Breakfast is an opportunity for us to thank all of our clients for the privilege of working with you and to have some good fun, fellowship and entertainment. We also mix in some comments about what happened in the financial markets in 2016, our thoughts for the year ahead and the importance of keeping things in perspective.

This year, with our blog and podcast, we decided to record the event and share it with our clients who were unable to attend and to share it with the broader community who listen to our podcast and read our blog posts.

You have two options to listen to or view the Holiday Breakfast presentations.

First, you can “watch” the two presentations by clicking the play buttons below. What we’ve done is added some pictures to go along with the audio. These are not video recordings of the presentations, rather, they’re simply still pictures including the actual slides from the event added to the audio recording to make it more appealing to follow along.

Second, you can listen to the audio recording as a podcast on your phone or other device. To listen to the audio recordings as a podcast, you can CLICK HERE.

In this first of two presentations, I spend about 20 minutes and introduce several new Keen Wealth Advisors team members and share our business philosophy. I think it’s important for our clients to know how we operate our firm and understand the culture that we purposely create.

Bill Keen Team Member Intros and Business Philosophy

In this second presentation, my colleague Matt Wilson helps us understand what’s happening with interest rates, with wages and inflation, and with Trump’s policies. Are we heading into trade wars? What will happen to healthcare? What’s going on in the financial markets?

Matt does a terrific job of putting all these things into perspective in an informative and entertaining way. On top of that, he helps us understand what we should do with all this information. Because as I like to say, we can talk all we want about the headlines, but it’s what we do in the trenches that really makes a difference for our clients.

Matt Wilson: Forecast 2017 “Perspective”

With the new administration, 2017 promises to be much different than the past few years. We’ll do our best to keep you informed, to share our perspective on events, and to help you stay on the path to a happy and prosperous retirement.

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Got a question or comment? Email it to me and we’ll get back to you or call our office at (913) 624-1841. 

Bill Keen is the founder and CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors, an independent Registered Investment Adviser serving affluent clients preparing for retirement and the host of the Keen On Retirement podcast. Bill brings more than 20 years of financial services experience and holds the CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR designation. Bill created Keen Wealth Advisors to build one of the country’s most personal and trusted wealth and retirement advisory firms. 

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