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Keen on Retirement Planning

Without a blueprint, you can’t build a house. And without a map, you wouldn’t set off on a road trip. The same rule goes for retirement planning. When it comes to such a big milestone in life, you need a financial roadmap that navigates you from point A to point B.

This is easier said than done. At Keen Wealth Advisors, we believe that a trusted financial coach is needed to achieve lasting financial success. I started this firm so I could serve as a lifelong financial advisor that hard-working families can trust to educate and guide them through their retirement planning decisions. These decisions evolve as they approach, enter, and live in retirement.

What We Offer

Everything we do is with our three Ps in mind — Perceptive, Personalized, Precise. We want to thoroughly understand your needs and financial circumstances, provide strategies and advice personalized to your goals, and be precise in our recommendations.

As a registered investment advisory firm, we are wholly objective and transparent, which reflects in our precision. We do what we say we’re going to do, and you can always feel confident knowing your best interests come first in all decisions.

To help you achieve the goals that we identify early in our process, we provide comprehensive services and tools to meet your changing needs. With a focus on retirement planning, this can include investment planning and portfolio construction, 401(k) and IRA rollovers, Social Security planning, long-term care insurance, Medicare advice, estate planning, and more. And for any services we can’t provide, we can refer clients to CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and other resources.

The Keen Wealth Advantage

Financial services are one piece of what we offer. The other essential elements are education and process. Acting as fiduciaries, we are proactive in our approach. We ask questions you may not have considered before and address all angles of your financial picture to make sure we cover your short and long-term needs.

From there, we follow a checklist-driven process that works. We’ve refined it over the years to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We walk our clients through the process on an ongoing basis.

Along with education and plan updates, we put multiple systems in place to help clients stay on track toward their goals. And with us by their side, they can feel confident knowing they have a knowledgeable professional to turn to if they have questions or hit a roadblock.

Who We Serve

We believe that life is too short not to work with people you enjoy being around. We are fortunate enough that we can be very disciplined with who we serve. Maintaining a select client base allows us to work only with people we believe we can truly help and who we think will benefit from our services and process.

A vast majority of our clients are engineers and professionals. They are hard workers who want to provide security and stability for their family. Over their careers, they’ve built their wealth and have a vision for what they want to accomplish with it but aren’t sure how to make it possible. They turn to us to help them create the plan that connects their vision with reality.

Whether or not you’re an engineer, we enjoy working with people who align with our personalities. Our clients are responsible with their finances and live within their means, but they have high standards for what they want out of life. We follow a disciplined process and our clients respect timelines and deadlines. They’re educated, informed, engaged, and ready to participate in their retirement planning. Ultimately, our ideal client is someone who (on most days) looks at life through a humble and grateful frame.

We’re lucky to work with so many great clients who fit this description, which is why we believe our business has grown on referrals. Our clients choose us for the relationships we nourish and the reputation we uphold.

How We Can Help

If you feel like you fit our client description and process-oriented approach, we’d be happy to meet with you and discuss how we may be able to help you. We provide everyone a complimentary consultation so we can get to know each other better before taking the next step. To get started, I encourage you to call our office at (913) 624-1841 or email me at BKeen@KeenWealthAdvisors.com.

About Bill

retirement planning
Bill Keen: Without a blueprint, you can’t build a house. The same goes for retirement planning.

Bill Keen is a Chartered Retirement Planning Consultant® and independent financial advisor with more than 23 years of industry experience. As the founder and CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, he specializes in providing personalized retirement planning designed to help people thrive before and during their retirement years. With a passion for educating others, Bill regularly blogs about retirement planning, hosts the podcast Keen on Retirement, and has contributed to U.S. News and World Report, Reuters, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, and other publications. Based in Overland Park, Kansas, Bill and his team work with clients throughout the greater Kansas City area and across the nation. To learn more, connect with him on LinkedIn or visit www.keenwealthadvisors.com.

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