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Welcome! In this first episode you’ll meet Bill Keen of Keen Wealth Advisors and discover why we’re doing this retirement podcast and what topics you can expect to learn about in the months ahead.

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Episode Overview

iTunes Keen On RetirementPodcasting is a terrific long-form medium that allows listeners to get to know the hosts and the topics they discuss. In our new podcast, we’ll take you through the financial planning process to help ensure you make excellent choices as it relates to your money and your life.

Whether you’re on your way to retirement or already there, these shows will educate you, entertain you, and guide you to living the life you dream about.

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Bill Keen: There is no one number or one size fits all.
Bill Keen: There is no one number or one size fits all.

Five Quotes From This Episode

  1. It’s about the plan. Everything we talk about is going to be angled back to making sure we have a plan that somebody is walking folks through. A financial plan that’s up to date, that’s technically accurate and has all the aspects thought through, and it is able to be followed. What we don’t want is a four hundred page document that’s meaningless to the recipient. We want people to have a financial plan that they can actually follow, is relevant, and can be used as a baseline for measurement.
  2. There’s no single number. You turn on the TV and you see commercials that say, “What’s your number?” I understand the concept but the commercial is asking people what is their number, what’s the amount of money they need to retire, as if there is one number that would satisfy everybody. We know that’s not the case.
  3. Ask yourself these questions. Several years in advance of retirement, I recommend people start asking themselves,, “What will I do when I don’t have to go to work every day? When I don’t have to get up at four or five or six o’clock in the morning and go to the office?” That is a fun exercise to do.
  4. You might be able to do it. I’ve never told anybody that they cannot manage their retirement on their own. If someone has the time, the willpower, the desire to educate themselves, and they have someone to hold them accountable to following through, they can do it.
  5. This is success. Whether or not I ever meet our listeners personally, my goal is to make a difference in more people’s lives as far as their education and their engagement and their smart decision making for their future. If we do that, then we’ve been successful here.

On the importance of planning…

The thing that I will tell you that we’ll always come back to is having a financial plan in place, a workable financial plan. You would never build a house without a set of blueprints, you would never take off in an airplane if the pilot didn’t have a flight plan in place. You would never want to venture into the best half of your life or retirement years without a plan in place.

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